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Chia Seeds – Superfood

There is a reason why they are dubbed ”power seeds”
– were they to have legs, they would win each and every
ultramarathon. Chia seeds are packed with nutrients
– taste it, see for yourself and experience the best of
it with every single sip. Exploit it!

The secret of the Aztec warriors

Chia was known in the Central America and was consumed as early as 5 000 years ago. The Maya and  The Aztecs  fully realized its unique features and valued it in cooking, medicine, religious rituals and as currency. The word ”chia” means strength. It was also used by messengers, during whole-day runs and by… the Aztec warriors. Allegedly one spoonful of seeds daily ensured a high level of energy and endurance needed during long war campaigns. Nowadays, we also wage plenty of private and professional battles, it is worth using this knowledge and follow the footsteps of the ancient warriors

2 X More
Potassium Than Bananas

18 X More
Magnesium Than Broccoli

6 X More
Calcium Than Milk

4 X More
Protein Than Red Beans

4 X More
Iron Than Spinach

25%  More
Fibre Than Flax Seeds

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Chia seeds
– super food

Chia, i.e.  Salvia Hispanica seeds, belong to so called. superfoods. What’s that?, They are considered the healthiest food in the world and contain an exceptional composition of nutrients such as: fiber, protein, omega 3 and 6 acid, antioxidants, B vitamins and minerals.

Just small portions of it not only provides a surprising amount of nutrients that are essential for our bodies but also satisfies hunger, which facilitates weight loss. Soaked chia seeds can absorb 10 times as much water as they weigh, making dense jelly-like gel. Chia gel gradually releases water in the body, profoundly hydrating it.

Chia is natural and unprocessed food. Its beneficial impact on body and soul is praised by athletes, and diet conscious, active. Anyone who needs a lot of positive energy, can enjoy Chias.